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About us

Von • Mai 30th, 2010 • Thema: About us

The Austrian Kachelofen Association This is a non-profit association, which on the one hand carries out research into Kachelofen (tile stoves) and also provides information for the general public about the findings and innovations. Membership in the Association is voluntary, and both stove builders and the supply industry are represented by the Association. The Association […]


Von • Mai 10th, 2010 • Thema: Linklist

Veuko sees itself as the European information and consulting platform for Associations of the stove fitter’s trade and has the following important objectives: regularly providing information and issuing publications regarding current events connected with the Association, advertising events and events specific to the profession, coordinating the exchange of knowledge in the professional and technical field; […]

The future is renewable!

Von • Apr 28th, 2010 • Thema: Interviews

Interview with DI. Dr. Thomas Schiffert Dr. Schiffert, how do you as the Managing Director of the Austrian Association of Tiled Stove Producers view the future of tiled stoves?