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PM emissions are a controversial issue. Do Kachelofen not have emissions of this sort, too?

Von • Apr 16th, 2010 • Thema: FAQ's

Modern tiled stoves are notable for their optimum combustion quality and energy efficiency. These properties are individually calculated using a computer program and adapted to the specific situation of the customer. As a result, the volumes of gas and dust emissions produced are extremely low. Particulate (PM) emissions can be pointed out by measuring carbon […]

Research Institute

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The Austrian Stove Fitters‘ Testing and Research Institute (VFH – Versuchs– und Forschungsanstalt der Hafner Österreichs) has been in existence for nearly 100 years. Back then, stove fitters had great foresight, as they recognised that research, development and innovation were barely possible in their small business structure. Today, the VFH is involved in research and […]