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Tiled stove systems are also available as whole-house heating systems – what form does that take?

Von • Apr 16th, 2010 • Thema: FAQ's

In today’s modern forms of housing (the keyword here being low-energy house), it is possible to use a tiled stove to heat an entire house without any problem. In this system, a portion of the energy is transferred to hot water, and this hot water is distributed through the house using a buffer store and […]

Small Kachelofen (tile stove)

Von • Apr 16th, 2010 • Thema:

The Small Kachelofen: A small solution with a big impact Modern modular technology makes it fast to build. It manages without much space and is easy on the wallet. And it can easily be taken along with you if you move house. Whether in a passive or low-energy house, in the home of a single […]