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The future is renewable!

Von • Apr 28th, 2010 • Thema: Interviews

Interview with DI. Dr. Thomas Schiffert Dr. Schiffert, how do you as the Managing Director of the Austrian Association of Tiled Stove Producers view the future of tiled stoves?

DI Dr. Thomas Schiffert

Von • Apr 16th, 2010 • Thema:

We are here to help you: Thomas Schiffert PhD, Association Director, Head of the Research Institute Thomas Schiffert has been connected with the Association since 1992 when he worked on experiments for controlling combustion in Kachelofen (tiled stoves) as part of his thesis. In 1995, he was awarded a PhD with distinction from the Vienna […]

Meet the team

Von • Apr 16th, 2010 • Thema:

Dipl.Ing.Dr. Thomas Schiffert Association Director, Head of the Research Institute Tel.: +43-1-2565885-0 tschiff[at]kachelofenverband.at [more…] Mag. Verena Waltner Marketing Tel.: +43-1-2565885-30 presse[at]kachelofenverband.at [more…] Karin Graf Administration, Secretary Tel.: +43-1-2565885-10 kgraf[at]kachelofenverband.at [more…] Ing. Rudolf Haselböck Technical Department Tel.: +43-1-2565885-23 rhaselboeck[at]kachelofenverband.at [more…] DI. (FH) Jürgen Kollmann Technical Department Tel.: +43-1-2565885-15 jkollmann[at]kachelofenverband.at [more…] Peter Krauthaufer, MSc Technical Department Tel.: […]