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What advantages does a tiled stove have over other forms of heating, such as an open fire or other kinds of stove?

Von • Apr 16th, 2010 • Thema: FAQ's

With a tiled stove, wood only needs to be added once or at most twice a day in order to ensure that it is pleasantly warm around the clock. Open fires and other kinds of stove only emit heat while the fire is burning. They also primarily heat the air, and cause it to dry […]

What are the advantages of a tiled stove?

Von • Apr 16th, 2010 • Thema: FAQ's

A tiled stove has many advantages. These include the cosy and wholesome warmth, the use of wood as a fuel source which is both renewable and CO2-neutral, its long life expectancy and lasting value, the security of supply (no electricity, oil or gas), the low operating costs and the potential to have a completely individual […]