Brussels Notification

Brussels Notification: Brussels upgrades VFH

The Stove Fitters‘ Testing and Research Institute has been accredited by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour as a testing laboratory of the Republic of Austria since 1998. Recently, the European Commission in Brussels notified the VFH as a „Notified body – Test laboratory“. This European qualification was bestowed on the VFH as Austria’s first testing laboratory for space-heating appliances fired by solid fuel.

One reason for the swift notification was the recognition on the part of the EU experts of the pioneering role of the VFH in the field of European standards. For the industry this means nothing less than a guarantee of the validity of the VFH test reports on the basis of harmonised European standards. Or, in simpler terms, a test badge from the VFH is with immediate effect a „Europe badge“.

This development can confidently be described as a quantum leap for the significance of the VFH. It simply guarantees European recognition of all heating appliances manufactured and tested in our country for the future – and thus essentially guarantees the future of Austrian tiled stoves.

The notification can also be viewed in an official communiqué from the EU, which is available under the following link: