The VFH is an accredited (officially recognised) testing laboratory for stoves and range cookers and conducts tests according to agreements and in compliance with standards and specifications.

Research & development

Another crucial area of activity of the VFH is carrying out scientific work in the field of fuel and plant technology and assessing the indoor environment.


It is also important for us to pass our knowledge on to stove fitters. We do this using written documents, by delivering lectures at trade conferences and through computer calculation programs.

Technical lobbying

Another of our main concerns is to bring the state of the art of stove-fitting systems to public sector bodies, opinion leaders and the media.


The Austrian Kachelofen Association is member of Austrian Cooperative Research (ACR). It is involved in intensive collaboration with the Vienna University of Technology and BioUp – a research cooperation for biomass upgrading.

Austrian Cooperative Research: http://www.acr.at
Technical University of Vienna: http://www.tuwien.ac.at
BioUp – research cooperation for biomass upgrading: www.bioup.at