Research Institute

The Austrian Stove Fitters‘ Testing and Research Institute (VFHVersuchs– und Forschungsanstalt der Hafner Österreichs) has been in existence for nearly 100 years. Back then, stove fitters had great foresight, as they recognised that research, development and innovation were barely possible in their small business structure. Today, the VFH is involved in research and development in areas such as whole-house heating, findings regarding health implications of heating systems, the effects of low-energy and passive houses on tiled stoves, particle emissions, etc., and passes this information on to stove fitters, the supply industry and interested members of the general public. What is more, the VFH is a recognised testing laboratory (accredited and notified) and plays a leading role in national and European standardisation process. Detailed information can be found under Publications, Trade Info, Brussels Notification, Activity and Technical and Legal Information.