Peter Krauthaufer, MSc

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Technical Department

Before discovering Technical Environmental Management as his professional focus, Peter Krauthaufer was engaged in the humanities after school leaving examination. Because of his special talent for Latin and Ancient Greek at first the Upper Austrian studied classical subjects like Theology, Classical Philology and Archeology. Secondly he changed to technique and studied Information and Communications Systems and Services at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. After his bachelor he chose Technical Environmental Management and graduated Master of Science in Engineering. Besides his studies he attended courses on waste management and environmental representatives and the Internal Environmental Auditor. For a telecommunications company, he gained experience in testing procedures and creating reports. In the VFH, he is working on a number of research projects for which his particular area of expertise is essential. Key aspects are the development of new biomass fuels for use in roomheaters and further optimization of operating Kachelofen (tile stoves) and other stove-fitter appliances.


Peter Krauthaufer, MSc
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