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Thomas Schiffert PhD, Association Director, Head of the Research Institute

Thomas Schiffert

Thomas Schiffert has been connected with the Association since 1992 when he worked on experiments for controlling combustion in Kachelofen (tiled stoves) as part of his thesis. In 1995, he was awarded a PhD with distinction from the Vienna University of Technology with a thesis about the future perspectives of Kachelofen. He then initially became Deputy Head of the Testing and Research Institute and took over as Head at the beginning of 2000. In June 2005, he was entrusted with the overall direction of the Association. The variety of additional qualifications which Thomas Schiffert has (quality management SME, accreditation and certification technology for testing laboratories and business administration for engineers) means there is a comprehensive list of work which he performs both for the Austrian Kachelofen Association and also outside the Association. Over several years, for instance, he was President of the Austrian technical standards committee (ON-K) 230 and President of the work group for individual storage heaters in the European standards committee (CEN). Since April 2009, he has been Vice President of VEUKO, the European Association of Stove Builders.

Thomas Schiffert
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