Legal foundations

All small heating appliances must comply with the limits of the so-called 15a agreements titled „Inverkehrbringen von Kleinfeuerungsanlagen und Blockheizkraftwerken“, in order to be able to put them on the market in Austria:

Type CO NOx OGC Particulate [eta]
mg/MJ mg/MJ mg/MJ mg/MJ %
Stove/range, manual 1100 150 50 35 80
Stove/range, automatic 500 100 30 25 80


The 15a agreements are implemented in the following state laws:

  • Burgenland: Burgenland Air Pollution Control, Heating System and Air-conditioning Systems Act
  • Carinthia: Carinthian Heating Systems Act
  • Lower Austria: Lower Austrian Construction Engineering Ordinance
  • Upper Austria: Upper Austrian Air Pollution Control and Energy Technology Act
  • Salzburg: Salzburg Heating Systems Ordinance
  • Styria: Styrian Heating Systems Act
  • Tyrol: Tyrolean Gas installations, Heating Systems and Air-conditioning Systems Act
  • Vorarlberg: Ordinance of the Provincial Government Regarding the Commissioning of Small Heating Units
  • Vienna: Viennese Small Heating Units Act


Testing standards for which the VFH (Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt der Hafner – Stove Fitters‘ Testing and Research Institute) is accredited (extract):

  • EN 13240 Roomheaters fired by solid fuel
  • EN 13229 Inset appliances including open fires fired by solid fuels
  • EN 14785 Residential space heating appliances fired by wood pellets
  • EN 15250 Slow heat release appliances fired by solid fuel