Calculation program

The calculation program Basic 2Plus is operated via a licensing system. To acquire an operational and unrestricted software-licence, please carry out the instructions as follows:
Fill in the application form and send it via e-mail or fax. If you are a new customer, a one-off set-up fee has to be effected in addition to the annual licence fee. Your personalised licence key will be sent via e-mail after the amount claimed has been credited to our account. The key’s validity is 12 months and includes support services as well as possible software updates.

The following table is providing an overview of the fees for 2016:

Set-up fee (once) Licence fee (annual)
(→ application form) full version 965.00 2510.00 290.00 735.00
 (→ application form) full version 1150.00 2990.00 340.00 880.00

If you want to change from Basic to Pro, the difference of the Set-up fee between Basic and Pro is demanded.