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The Austrian Kachelofen Association

This is a non-profit association, which on the one hand carries out research into Kachelofen (tile stoves) and also provides information for the general public about the findings and innovations. Membership in the Association is voluntary, and both stove builders and the supply industry are represented by the Association. The Association was founded in 1953 and its registered office has remained in Vienna ever since.

The bodies of the association are the General Assembly, the Managing Board and the Chairmanship. Furthermore, the Education Committee, the Technical Committee and the Advertising Committee meet on a regular basis. replica watch

General information

Members of the Austrian Kachelofen Association include the nine provincial guilds and the Austrian Federal Guild of stove builders, pavers, tilers and ceramists, and therefore some 600 stove-building enterprises throughout Austria. It also counts about 50 important industrial firms among its members.

VFH – The Testing and Research Institute

Fitters' Testing and Research Institute Since its foundation, the Association has run its own research centre, the VFH – Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt der Hafner [Stove Builders‘ Testing and Research Institute]. It is the world’s only facility with an explicit focus on Kachelofen. The VFH is known and recognised beyond Austria’s international borders. The emphasis of its activity is on the constant improvement in the quality of combustion and in the materials and on research into the health aspects of heating appliances. The VFH is an accredited testing laboratory for stoves and ranges, which is also notified in Brussels. It also holds the chair at the European standards committee for Kachelofen and was responsible for developing the first European standard EN 15544 “One off Kachelgrundöfen/Putzgrundöfen (tiled/mortared stoves) – dimensioning”.


The services offered by the Association can be various fields of activity: technology (VFH), education and further training, marketing and symposiums/trade fairs. The main focus in technology includes research, development and innovation, as well as technical consultancy, testing recognised by Europe and standardisation. Within the scope of education and further training, the Association gives courses to prepare for the examination for the master craftsman’s diploma and provides teaching in technical matters, such as fire prevention and energy performance certification for buildings. The focus in marketing includes PR, lobbying and image promotion for tile stove products and the stove-fitting profession. The high point of the year is KOK Austria, the European trade fair for Kachelofen and home ceramics with a technical conference, which is held at the exhibition centre in Wels in mid-to-late January. With some 2,500 visitors and well over 100 exhibitors, this is by far the Kachelofen industry’s most important event in Europe.


The Association of Tiled Stove Producers The Austrian Kachelofen Association places great importance on national and international cooperation. It is therefore a member of VEUKO, the Association of European stove builder’s unions, and is also responsible for its administration. It also maintains close contacts with North America via the Masonry Heater Association (MHA). Important national partners are the Austrian Environment Ministry, specifically within the framework of the klimaaktiv initiative, the Austrian Biomass Association and ACR, the Austrian Cooperative Research. The Association also plays a leading role in national and international standards (ÖNORM and CENASTM) for space-heating appliances.

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