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The Austrian Kachelofen Association

This is a non-profit association, which on the one hand carries out research into Kachelofen (tile stoves) and also provides information for the general public about the findings and innovations. Membership in the Association is voluntary, and both stove builders and the supply industry are represented by the Association. The Association was founded in 1953 and its registered office has remained in Vienna ever since.

The bodies of the association are the General Assembly, the Managing Board and the Chairmanship. Furthermore, the Education Committee, the Technical Committee and the Advertising Committee meet on a regular basis. replica watch

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How much do Kachelofen (tile stoves) cost? »

The cost of a Kachelofen ranges from about € 6,000 for a small tiled stove to about € 20,000 for a whole-house heating system. A Kachelofen is an extremely efficient heating system. Used as a whole house heating system it can save € 1.000,- a year and more compared to systems operated with fossil fuels such as […]

What is the difference between the traditional Kachelofens, which are large and heavy, and a small Kachelofen? »

The small Kachelofen offers everything which its big brother can also do. However, its heat output is specifically adapted to the lower energy requirements of apartments or very well insulated spaces. It is also smaller and quick to assemble or dismantle.

If a Kachelofen is to become part of my living environment, what design options will I have? »

The design possibilities are almost endless with a tiled stove. Because it is a highly individual product, the stove builder can customise it to fulfil a customer’s every wish. The range includes classical and traditional designs, right up to extremely modern. Colours, shapes and proportions can be chosen freely.

Do Kachelofens require a high degree of maintenance? »

Maintenance costs for a Kachelofen are comparatively low. For a Kachelofen which is in regular use, experts recommend having it serviced every three years by the stove builder.